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Give a little. Change a lot

Every year, families and youth participate and fundraise to support the cause. As a result of their generosity, proceeds of the event is to benefit urgently needed programs and services that are currently non-funded and partially funded by the government, particularly those pertaining to youth, women, families and seniors.

A onetime donation of $1,000 or more gets your name here

Updated: 2020-01-26

Team Leader Information

A very successful team needs a strong Team Leader – thank you for taking this rewarding leadership role. Your two main goals are:

  1. Recruit walkers to join your team. If your contacts are unable to join, they can also support and help fundraise.
  2. Manage and propel your team’s efforts in raising funds towards S.U.C.C.E.S.S. programs and services that rely partially or solely on donations.

Below are tips and tools to help you be an effective Team Leader and lead your team to success. Please feel free to get in touch anytime regarding additional support needs – we are always happy to provide advice and guidance.

  1. Use last year's team roster - engage individuals from last year. These will be your strongest fundraisers.
  2. Put a sign on your desk at work promoting 2019 Walk with the Dragon at Concord Pacific Place and your Team Leader role.
  3. Challenge each of your returning team members to recruit one or two friends or family members.
  4. Send an email message to your contacts. Use our email templates through your fundraising webpage - login now!

More Questions or Need Help?
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