1S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Chinatown Seniors Services Council27,168.00
2ZhangJiaWei Research Fund for Niche Behaviral Ecnomics22,150.00
3Chinese Real Estate Professionals Association of BC (CREPA)18,005.00
4AY Au-Yeung & Company LLP, Chartered Accountants15,740.00
5Vancouver Diamond Lions Club11,850.00
6Vancouver Metropolitan Lions Club10,473.00
7Team RBC8,910.00
8Park Georgia Insurance7,928.00
9Kins Farm Market6,250.00
10KPMG LLP6,001.25
11Terry Immigration5,950.00
12Vancouver Film and Television Artists Society5,650.00
13Regent Park Realty4,345.00
14YoYo Hiking Club3,136.80
15Freedom 55 Financial BC Central Region2,700.00
16Team L&A2,040.00
17SUCCESS Foundation1,999.00
18Friend's Club1,438.88
19Team Masuhara1,330.00