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Give a little. Change a lot

Every year, families and youth participate and fundraise to support the cause. As a result of their generosity, proceeds of the event is to benefit urgently needed programs and services that are currently non-funded and partially funded by the government, particularly those pertaining to youth, women, families and seniors.

A onetime donation of $1,000 or more gets your name here

Updated: 2019-12-08

How Your Gift Helps

Funds raised at Walk with the Dragon will go toward the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Caring for the Community Fund, providing support to areas of greatest community needs for immigrants, refugees, youth, families and seniors on an annual priority basis.

Currently, much of our community needs are only partially met by government funding, while many of our programs and services designed to address these needs receive no funding at all. By donating to Walk with the Dragon, you will help us achieve the following short and long term goals:

  1. Invest in programs and services that go above and beyond the basic needs currently addressed by the government;
  2. Research to further understand community needs and plan for the future;
  3. Enable us to collaborate with other stakeholders; and
  4. Advocate to help people understand societal issues.

With your support, we funded initiatives such as Multicultural Early Childhood programs to help build the foundation of immigrant children and their development in a culturally appropriate setting. Last year, 249 client families were served while the program provided these families with over 5,800 touch points throughout the year in support of their effort to connect to the community.

We also invested in programs such as Youth Leadership Millennium that helps youth develop core leadership and social skills, giving them the support needed as they transition into adulthood. Lastly, we invested in programs that help seniors better adapt while building a sense of community and belonging as they age.

Thanks to your support, we can build stronger communities where people of any age feel connected, supported, and empowered.