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Step challenge (July 23-25th): 

• You’re welcome to join the step challenge by walking outdoor in the close by trails.
• Individual starts from 10,000 steps/day, complete min 30,000 steps in 3 days (from July 23-25th)
• Team starts from 100,000 steps/day, complete min 300,000 steps in 3 days (from July 23-25th). 2 participants or above can form a team. No limitation on number of participants in a team.
• Individuals and teams will be presented with certificates of appreciation and prizes upon completion of the steps.


• 分設個人及團體。
• 個人目標總步數為30,000步。
• 團體目標總步數為300,000步,二人或以上均可組隊,人數不設上限。
• 完成挑戰的個⼈及團隊將獲得獎狀和獎品。

How to use your phone to track steps


1. Iphone user:
a. Open “Health” app
b. Click “Browse” at the bottom of the screen
c. Under “Health Categories”, select “Activitiy”. You can also customize the Health Categories on the summary screen.
d. Tap “Steps”

2. Android user:
a. Install “Google Fit”
b. Tap “Add Track” workout
c. Select the activity you’re about to start
d. Tap “Start workout”

3. Other step tracking app
a. Pacer
b. Fitbit
c. MapMyWalk
d. StepsApp

How to submit your result


1. Screenshot your 3 day steps from your phone

2. Email the below information to

a. Email Subject 電郵標題: 2021 Walk Step Challenge
b. Your name and team name 姓名及團隊姓名
c. Contact information 聯系方式
d. Total Steps 總步數
e. attach the screenshots of your 3 day steps result 附上手機app上3天步數的截圖


use the links below to submit your result via Google Form

Individual 個人
Team 團體
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Charity Sales_Eng_poster_p.2.jpeg
Charity Sales_Eng_poster_p.3.jpeg
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